Yoga for the Shift

San Marcos la Laguna

The Yoga Shala

Align the spine, ease tension, open energy channels, raise your vibration and allow who you truly are to flow through.
Glow. Overflow. Illumine.

Traditional Hatha Yoga​


1 class Q40
6 class pass Q200
12 class pass Q350
24 class pass Q650
1 month unlimited Q600

We serve Keith´s cacao for q10. 
If you´d like a cup, please arrive 15 minutes early.
(Cacao is optional and not included in class or package prices).

Chocolate & Yoga

Ceremonial cacao helps to raise our vibration, increases our sensitivity to subtle energies, and acts s a facilitator between us and whatever we wish to partner with. This makes it a great tool for taking a Yoga practice deeper, as it can help us become aware of where we have energetic blockages and, if we allow it, help us release them.

We serve a half dose, as that is perfect for the practice.
Every day except Saturday @ 8:30am
Sivananda and Hridaya come together for a deep experience grounded in a traditional approach. On the physical level, there is an emphasis on spinal alignment and the release of tension. Working deeper, we create space to allow and withheld emotions. In this way, by allowing energy we may otherwise suppress to simply flow, we begin to recognize programmed patterns of suppression. Ultimately, the practice is intended to bring us into deeper alignment so that who we truly are can flow through.

This is Yoga for the shift!