Yoga for the Shift


The Consciousness Experiment

This  BLOG began as a documentation of my interaction with the Yogic process but has become a documentation of my own journey of healing, growth, and expansion. As I experiment with consciousness, truth, Love and the human condition, I share here my insights, revelations, oversights, and tribulations.

By putting this process into words, I will bring a bit more of my own consciousness to things I might otherwise overlook. I hope as well that my own experiences will inspire others to connect and to reach out with and for support, because we’re all Sangha– we’re all spiritual community– and we’re all in this together!


My exploration of meditation began with an Anapanasati practice in 2011. Other than a short and frustrating stint in a temple in Cambodia, my first studies had little guidance outside intuition. When I finally sat my first silent retreat, it was as if the teachings had been inside of me all along, waiting for me to listen and trust.

During that same retreat, I came into contact with Classical Hatha Yoga. The two made a fantastic pair. Unable (or unwilling) to find a compatible teacher in New York, I spent the next two years exploring the practice on my own.  

In 2014, I happened upon Kaivalya Yoga School and the Hridaya style of Yoga. The practice and the teacher contained the right combination of deep understanding and authenticity. I spent 2.5 years as student, Karma Yogi, and teacher under Arjuna Hackenberg. Since then I have been certified as a classical Hatha teacher within the Sivananda lineage, and I am exploring the practice from a wider perspective. 

As I deepen into myself, my relationship to the practice changes. Sometimes I teach, sometimes I retreat, sometimes I question what I'm doing with this life. Through it all, Self-Enquiry has guided me ever more deeply into my own experience of Truth.
As I continue to explore all facets of life and a variety of different approaches to spirituality, each new teaching is another tool with which to explore the depths of my own Heart. 


​​Traditional Hatha Yoga utilizes the human condition as a vehicle for divine realization. Postures are held rather than flowed through, breaking up body armoring, lengthening and elasticizing connective tissues, and allowing a deeper and more subtle energetic effect to arise. Regular practice transforms of the body, mind, and spirit.
Advaita Vedanta is the understanding to which all teachings reduce. All energies, thoughts, emotions, and attachments are left aside, if only momentarily, in the quest for the fundamental experience of beingness at their root. What arises is an understanding of our true nature, including and transcending its expressions in body and mind.

I teach a symbiotic combination of Hatha and Advaita Vedanta designed to open energy channels, release blockages, and transform the raw material of our human design into a vehicle for realizing our highest potential.

As a teacher, my aim is to inspire people to listen to their own hearts. I provide techniques and concepts people can use to transform their bodies, purify their minds and become their own guides on the journey of Self-realization.